State-of-the-art, innovative technology is now available at Gallagher Records Management! Why pay to have a physical file delivered to you when you can have  a scanned image readily accessible? No-hassle, online file ordering and real-time tracking are available for your every request. The scan-on-demand process converts your documents into an electronic file, such as a searchable PDF (Portable Document Format).


Document Imaging

Access your images through our online portal and give yourself a peace of mind, knowing that you will always be able to make requests, conduct an inventory or even request a delivery/pick up transaction.

The advantages of document imaging can be, but are not limited to:

  • Reduce internal technical resources and infrastructure requirementsdocumentscanning
  • Quick response time required is provided by our team and saves you the extended wait time of a delivery
  • Track item activity and website use for compliance, risk assessment and supervisory regulations
  • Ability to access files at multiple locations by multiple users
  • No software investment for you
  • All data is backed up and available during power outages
  • Our services reduce your personnel’s labor

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