Hidden Fees

What are your Hidden Fees?

So, you think you know exactly what you are currently paying for records management.
Reveiw your contract, you will most likely find hidden fees. These fees can be listed as:

  • Early Termination Fees
  • Inflated Transportation Costs
  • Administrative Fees

Early Termination Fees –

Many records companies add clauses in their contracts to lock you in for a set number of months or years. This is often a 60-month period or greater. If you attempt to cancel your services prior to this early termination period, expect to pay large fees to buy-out of your contract.

Inflated Transportation Costs –

Need a record from Gallagher Records Management. Call our experienced staff to have your records pulled and delivered within 24 hours.  Most records centers charge per cubic foot fees per box, transportation and fuel surcharge which can be misleading.

Administrative Fees –

Often, monthly administrative fees are charged by companies to process your day-to-day paperwork and provide inventory reports for your account.  Gallagher Records Management does not charge a fee for these services.


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